We are Bible believing Christians who believe the Authorized Version King James Holy Bible is the inspired and preserved word of God. We don’t just USE it, we BELIEVE IT!

Whether you are a Christian or not, we do pray that you spend a few moments reviewing the content on this site, because there is, literally, something here for everyone.

The Bible tells us that we must be saved!
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Sharing the gospel with others can be quite difficult at times, but leaving or giving one of our card tracts can make it easier. We also have eTracts too for sending via email.
Preaching and teaching, rightly dividing the TRUTH of God’s word. Sermons preached mostly at the Bible Believers Church in Maidenhead, and quick audio studies. Listen to some hymns we sing.
God has ONE book, His inspired and preserved word, the Authorized Version King James Holy Bible. Don’t be deceived by modern ‘bible’ perVersions.
A non-denominational church that meets in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Come along one Sunday if you want to hear the TRUTH preached in love, and without compromise.
Don’t be fooled into accepting the theory of evolution just because it’s taught and promoted within the public education system. Are you honest enough to study Creation?
We have taken the seed out of our diet nearly 100%. The seed is supposed to be a main course in our diet, just like it is among certain cultures in the world who never get cancer!
Keep up-to-date on what’s happening within the ministry and church each month. Highlights soulwinning situations and other general thoughts about the Christian walk.
Ranger Bill is a wonderful Christian radio program from the 1950s, produced by Moody Radio. Great family listening - over 200 episodes to listen to. All available here.
The best audio narration of God’s word was read by Alexander Scourby. The whole Bible is available here in MP3 format to download and listen on your computer or mobile device.
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